Go Kart Racing Circuit in Tabasalu –
The best race track in Estonia

The Tabasalu Go Kart Racing Circuit is 963 meters long and 8-9 meters wide

The Tabasalu Go Kart Racing Circuit is a race track in pristine condition that adheres to all safety regulations. The circuit is fit to travel on in karts, cars, on motorcycles as well as in other motor vehicles. The Tabasalu Go Kart Racing Circuit is situated in the Harku rural municipality, next to the city of Tallinn in Estonia. Check out the exact location here.

The Tabasalu race track, refurbished in 2012, spreads 963 meters in length and is driven on in a clockwise direction. Most of the curves on the Tabasalu circuit turn right – a total of five; the circuit also features one sloping and one rounded left-hand curve. The circuit is very quick, the average speed on the fastest recorded lap with a kart was an astonishing 102 km/h.

Next to the circuit is a hectare-large asphalt square where tents can be erected during races or other events. The grounds can also be utilized for driver training exercises.

go kart racing cirquit

  1. Grounds for Tents and Driver Training
  2. Circuit Access
  3. Start/Finish
  4. Race track
  5. Box Access

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The go kart racing circuit caters for 34 karts at a time

Martin Rump TabasalusThe Tabasalu Go Kart Racing Circuit is a high quality racing track. The track is nearly a kilometer long and 8-9 meters wide and caters for up to 34 karts at a time. The circuit is technically demanding, featuring a number of curves driven through at top speed as well as a more complex S-curve. The circuit is well-suited for professional kart races, kart training as well as karting as a hobby. Take a look at the price list and provided services here.

The race track also provides an all-inclusive racing kart event organizing service. In collaboration with TARK Racing, premium quality kart training events are held at the circuit. In addition, we organize gripping kart events for groups and companies. Feel free to contact us for further information.

The circuit provides an opportunity to fire up your car any time of the year 

The Tabasalu Go Kart Racing Circuit provides for an excellent opportunity to test the limits of your car. The track caters for time trials as well as position races. In time trials, cars enter the track at different times; in position races, all cars start at the same time. A total of eight cars at a time can race the circuit.

In winter, the circuit can be used as an ice track for rallying as well as training to drive on a slippery road. If, during the cold season, the track is not slippery enough, its slipping qualities can be increased. Drifting on the track is not permitted and can be undertaken only on the asphalt plot next to the track. Take a look at the price list and provided services.

Upon request, we can provide assistance in organizing rally races of varied types, be it a social hobby race or a public rally open to all those interested. Feel free to contact us for more information.

The circuit is also perfect for motorcycles 

The Tabasalu Go Kart Racing Circuit accommodates bike, naked and enduro motorcycles. Note that the track is not the best option for custom and cruiser bikes. It will also not be wise to take to the circuit bearing overly angular tires.

go kart racing circuit

Tabasalu circuit is not the fastest track for motorcycles; however, it is technically demanding. Different from many go kart racing circuits in Estonia, the circuit does not include overly sharp S-curves, providing for a considerable motor-biking speed. The track caters for a total of 24 motorcycles at a time. Take a look at the price list and provided services.

Upon request, we can help you in organizing a motorcycle race. Send us your vision of the event and we will bring it to life together! Click here to contact us.

The Training Grounds have all you need 

Next to the race track is a hectare-large asphalt square where training with cars, motorcycles and karts can be carried out when races and other events are not being held.

The training grounds include box poles and other instruments required for driving instruction. The square also features an ascending slope, perfect for practicing stopping and taking off at a climb. The training grounds will be at your disposal for only 10€/hour. Book the training grounds.

The racing circuit is an outstanding venue for a variety of events 

go kart racing cirquitThe Tabasalu Go Kart Racing Circuit is an excellent venue for exciting group or company events. Upon request, tents can be erected on site, accommodating tables and chairs, catering, sound equipment and, if desired, a team to organize a rally race and ensure related safety.

Participants can ride the track in either their own karts or karts provided by us as well as in their personal cars and motorcycles. Furthermore, we cater for mixed races where karts, motorcycles and cars start at different times. If you rent the entire circuit, provided that all safety requirements are adhered to, cars and motorcycles can be let of the track simultaneously.

The Tabasalu Go Kart Racing Circuit is a popular meeting, practicing and training venue for auto clubs and other motorsports fans from the Rescue Board, Estonian Police, Tallinn University of Applied Sciences and other institutions. Numerous presentations of branded cars have also been held here. Feel free to contact us to discuss your event in more detail.

 Things to remember at the Tabasalu race track

  1. All vehicles are driven on the track at the driver’s own risk. The Tabasalu Go Kart Racing Circuit is not liable for any possible accidents.
  2. Drivers on the track must wear helmets and under helmet caps.
  3. Persons under the influence of alcohol or other substances/medications will not be allowed on the track.
  4. The maximum driving speed at entering a box is 10km/h.
  5. During competitive races, the following flag signals of the track marshal must be taken notice of:
  • yellow flag indicates danger on the track, maximum driving speed 10km/h
  • blue flag indicates that a faster driver must be allowed to pass
  • black flag indicates that you must drive into your box
  • checkered flag indicates the end of the race.